Tenant Handbook

Fire and Life Safety

When calling 911, please be aware that you are calling the City of Chicago Fire Department. Be prepared to speak your address, whether 205 N. Michigan Avenue or 225 N. Michigan Avenue, your Suite or Floor number and telephone number. In a building emergency the Chicago Fire Department takes control of the fire-life-safety systems and the building completely.

The life safety systems of the building are designed to maximize safety for everyone at Michigan Plaza. Stairwells are equipped with The equipment listed below for Michigan Plaza exceeds building code requirements for the period in which it was built. Michigan Plaza security and engineering monitors and controls all functions of the life safety equipment such as smoke detectors, sprinklers, ventilation and communication. These panels are prominently located in the main lobby for easy monitoring and access.

SafetyNet Training Program

Safety and security are top priorities. To help ensure that all occupants, emergency response teams, and building staff understand their role in an emergency, we have prepared a convenient online life safety training program for 205 N. Michigan. This program offers training and information for employees, building occupants, building staff, and floor wardens. It is important that everyone participate in this online training.

You can access the SafetyNet page at:

SafetyNet - 205 N. Michigan Ave

General occupant password: 205safety

Emergency Response Team password: 205ert


SafetyNet - 225 N. Michigan Ave

General occupant password: 225safety

Emergency Response Team password: 225ert


To participate in this life safety training program:

  1. Click on Take the Training.
  2. Click on Sign Up Now under New User and enter your information to set up an account (next time you’ll just need to log in with your email address and the password.) During registration, be sure to select the relevant training site from the drop-down menu (occupant, emergency response team, or bldg. staff
  3. Click the Start button next to the video image to launch the program.
  4. Click on the large white button in the middle of the video window to start the video. It will take a minute or so for the video to load. Use the video player controls to pause, resume, or skip forward and backward.
  5. After the video concludes, please click on Take the Test and answer the questions about the material.
  6. When you’ve passed the quiz, you may print out a completion certificate or simply log out.

Thank you for participating in this life safety training program. Knowing how to respond to a range of emergency situations is the single best thing you can do to keep yourself, and those around you, safe.