Recycling Program Information

Michigan Plaza participates in a Total Office recycling program.  By doing so everything from office paper, cans, glass and aluminum containers to e-waste can be recycled in an environmentally responsible way.  This is coordinated with specially marked containers in each suite and trash pick-up with the janitorial contractor.  Reports are received from the trash hauler to confirm the percentage of recycling.  Attached is a report that highlights the volume of recycled items collected from the building.  Periodic reminders are sent to individual tenants and newsletter articles remind tenants of the importance of recycling.  Management has enlisted the help of the night cleaning staff to notify them of tenants that do not appear to be complying with the recycling program.  A follow-up meeting is then held with the individual tenants.  This usually consists of having the correct type of containers labeled and located in the areas were the type of trash (food, non-recyclable vs. paper/cardboard) is generated.


Please click here for information on the recycling program.